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Advantage Professional



  • Practice Leaders

    Leadership. It's not just a word here at Advantage. It's the foundation of our success and it's something we require
  • PAR Certification

    PAR - Progressive Aboriginal Relations     
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance

    INTEGRATED REGULATORY COMPLIANCE WHY CHOOSE ADVANTAGE? Advantage brings over twenty years of experience in the Alberta and BC utilities and
  • Project Health

    THE ADVANTAGE SOLUTION - PROJECT HEALTH CHECK Advantage has a team and proprietary methodology that can dramatically enhance your odds of
  • Companies New to Canada

    HR issues foreign owned companies should be aware of as they enter Canada From recruiting to ‘Canadianizing’ your HR handbooks,
  • Recruitment

    We know the role because we have done the job ourselves! The senior management team at Advantage has been employed
  • Testimonials

    Advantage Professional has worked with many different clients. Hear what they have to say. 
  • HR Advisory

    Good Recruitment: The Basics Matter Once you have identified the criteria listed below- skill set and experience you need in